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Rachel Marie Paling founded Efficient Language Coaching in 2008 with 30 years experience teaching languages. This teaching experience together with a BA Honours in Law and Spanish (with distinction in spoken Spanish) and a European Masters in Human Rights and Democratization (EMA) as well as qualifying as a solicitor (UK Lawyer) in 2003, all contributed to the experience and curiosity to learn and develop even more. The next step was to train as a “coach” and this led to the inspiration and crystallisation of “Language Coaching and later Neurolanguage Coaching” into a recognized approach and method. This led Rachel to create the Language Coaching Certification course, which is one of the first worldwide to be accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

"When I founded Efficient Language Coaching back in 2008, I had the strong desire and vision of creating a business that would not only impact with an innovative learning approach, but also a business that contributes back to the world as a role model business for social entrepeneurship to bring education and assistance to the less fortunate in the world. Many teachers who have become Neurolanguage Coaches with me also have the strong desire to change educational approaches of the past and to bring us forward into a much more sensitized, emotionally intelligent way of transferring knowledge. Communication and education are essentials keys for a better future"

Rachel M. Paling

We personally commit to the creation of


One third of your monthly subscription will be set aside and contributed to charities for education worldwide and in the next months we will create The Neurolanguage Collective Foundation; a charity to assist less fortunate children and adults worldwide with educational means and support.

Neurolanguage Collective Values

Quiet determination

Throughout the world educators are calling for a shift in the educational process, and the Neurolanguage Collective with quiet determination wishes to catalyse this shift in language learning and other educational fields, bringing more awareness as to how the brain learns and reacts and how to bring more human and emotional elements into the learning process.

Heartfelt compassion

Throughout the world there are many children and adults with no opportunity of education and the Neurolanguage Collective commits with heartfelt compassion to bring learning and assistance wherever/whenever possible, whether for languages or for any area.

Strong unity

Coming together as one voice while respecting our diversity and differences to be able to collectively unite to create a better educational future.



to information and materials on neurolanguage coaching, language coaching, the latest on neuroscience and neuroeducation, coaching and teaching in the form of documents, videos, audio.


as a collective think tank where your opinions, proposals and ideas can be voiced and aired in forums, chats and question/answers to catalyse educational shifts wherever possible worldwide.


an online job platform principally for language coaching and related positions to enable worldwide connections regarding language needs and offers.


1/3 of your subscription to an educational charitable cause wherever possible for less fortunate children and adults worldwide providing them with an educational support not only relating to language but to all areas of education.


your thoughts and ideas can help introduce educational changes. Your voice is important so we may learn what changes you think could move education into the 21st century and also highlight where education is needed, where to assist and bring education worldwide.


actively in the shift to evolve the educational process into the 21st century. Your input is important.


Individual Benefits

Easy access to information on:
Neurolanguage coaching, Neuroscience, Emotional intelligence, Blogs and articles, How the brain likes to learn, Coaching, Educational trends
Tips on how to fulfil the learning process with relation to how the brain learns and reacts
Tips on how to coach through the learning process moving away from directive to non-directive and inclusive styles of delivery
Form part of a new worldwide collective with like-minded people
Be heard and give your opinions about educational change and how to introduce approaches
Contribute to charities for education worldwide
Be a part of educational projects worldwide
Have access to language coaching/teaching job market

Collective Benefits

Feel part of a group of like-minded individuals with a desire to see changes in teaching and learning approaches
Feel heard as a voice in the collective, offering your views and proposals on enhancing and improving learning processes
Feel part of a collective catalyst towards sensitizing educators worldwide as to how the brain learns/reacts and how to empower a learner
Be an active part of a collective which contributes to educational projects worldwide bringing education to less fortunate children and adults wherever/whenever possible
Promulgate the learning of languages and general education wherever possible
Be part of a wider vision of creating educational orphanages worldwide

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Be part of a worldwide collective connected by a passion to shift education regarding Languages, Language Education and other educational fields as well as the introduction of neuroscience and emotional intelligence into the learning process.


A wonderfoul experience into how the brain likes to learn. A very powerful way to learn another language. It was such a pleasure to be taught by Rachel. She really loved us into this journey.

Amy, Canada

The ELC Neurolanguage Coaching Certification programme has redefined and reinvigorated my professional trajectory. The strength of the course lies in the common thread that connects various coaghing and neuroscience models, wich boils down to very small, simple shifts in approach that produce meaningful and powerful benefits to the language learning process. A truly enriching experience!

Monia, Canada

Totally enlightening and generating plenty of fascinating insights. A definite breakthrough for me. Rachel the catalyst for the inspiration coming from within. An unstoppable process, it seems. Deep hunger for knowing more and more.
Self awareness. Self motivation. Doing my own thinking.
The opening point to yet another big story in my life.

Kate, Poland

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